Who is Tupac?

PAX: Ball Cock Yo-Yo Ma Cable Guy Coach K Harbaugh Whippoorwill Adidas Chubby Bunny Urkel Hacky Sack Judge Judy

Introduction followed by lengthy disclaimer.

w/u: SSH x 20, 4 M, AC x 20, 8 M, TTT x 10, 12 M, WM x 10, 16 M, HB x 10, 20 M

DORA AH x 200 (4 ct), M x 200, Flutters x 200 (4 ct), AST x 200 (4 ct)

Mary: AH IC x 10, TM x 10, Flutters IC x 10, AST IC x 5, Burpee x 1

Annoucement: BBQ and Signs

Prayer of Praise for Cable Guy’s daughter and God’s hand in working out her school issues.


  1. Chubby Bunny was quizzed on 90s and early 2000s pop trivia. No knowledge of Tupac, Napoleon Dynamite or Bone Thugs and Harmony. He does know the movie Titanic though. His mentor, Big Spur, has committed to enlighten him on these important artists.
  2. Speaking of Chubby Bunny. He and Whippoorwill engaged in a .5 mile footrace. Chubby won by .6 mile.
  3. Rumor has it that YHC had no clue what we would be doing until 5:23 am. Fake news.
  4. T-claps to Adidas for completing his 100 burpees prior to posting. Well done.
  5. Gambit announced during Mary that we should do a modified Squid on day 30 of the burpee challenge. JV seconded. All Pax concurred that it would be a good idea.
  6. Don’t mention the word ruck around Urkel or he will show up at your door step with a 80 pound sack for you to carry around.
  7. Unlike the MOB where good form is almost frowned upon, the pax at the Buck once again showed impeccable form in every exercise during warm up, dora and Mary.

JJ out.

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