Morning at the museum 1/20/20

It was cold out – shy of 40 with a stiff breeze

Pax – 8-10 : Waldo, red line, Readymix, Hugo, mountaineer, pony, Cpl Klinger (Monsewer and Babyshoes joined up for COT on way around the loop)



SSH X 20, IW x 20,

mosey to Presbyterian church parking lot by way of bay st to warm up

TTT x 19, air chair LBAC x10 both ways and into raise roof

mosey to St Helena Museum


4 corners with partner around block of museum.

first corner Burpees x 20 alternating between partner, second corner lunges x 19 alternating, 3rd corner patty cake merkins x 18, 4th corner squats x 17 – then back to Burpees descending to 0. 5 laps then repeat with box jumps, burpees, hello dolly’s and derkens at the corners.

indian run back to flag- many switches to each side of the road because of cars. Indians didn’t have runs like this at all.

COT – ball of man.

thanks then out – good stuff,




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