• 1/20/20 The Brig
  • Weather: A little chill in the air, 40 with a “real feel” of 32
  • PAX: MiniVan (Q), Musk, Spaulding, HardHat, Schnitzel(respect), Spicoli(respect), Shingles(Welcome back), Brutus
  • Warmup:
    • TTT x 10
    • IW x 10
  • The Thang: YHC wants to know how many 11’s we can do in 45 minutes:
    • We doubled down on the 11’s and did 2 sets at a time
      • Burpees & Merkins
      • Groiners & Jump Squats
      • roughly 75yard run between
    • Picked Mary for next round (made it through 1/2)
      • Dirty Dogs & Pickle Pointers
      • Flutters & Back Scratchers
      • Made though 1/2 way
    • Plank for last minute
  • COR/ NOR
  • Announcements: P200 Kickoff party, Sell some Butts, P200 meeting at Giuseppi’s
  • Moleskine:
    • YHC wanted to get through 4 sets of 11’s
      • Shorten the run distance and we could (ended up with almost 3 miles…)
    • If you count the Burpee breakdown we did 110 Burpees – But no one really cares
    • JV was not present
    • Brutus likes the guys, dislikes the workouts, his alarm does not get him up, his wife pushes him out of bed – or something like that…
    • Shingles was back in the gloom
    • Hardhat has a nice headlamp
    • Is NeNe 39 or really 55?

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