The Judge has ruled!

Judge Judy made a ruling this morning @thebuck.  There are no rollover burpees in the 30 day 100 Burpee Challenge.  If you miss a day you can make it up but doing 125 burpees today doesn’t mean you can do 75 tomorrow.  The Judge has spoken!

9 Pax: Chubby Bunny, Ballcock, Hacky Sack, Cable Guy, Harbaugh, Judge Judy, Ray, Adidas, Coach K (Q)

Conditions: A perfect 63 with a slight breeze

Disclaimer: You know the drill, don’t hurt yourself


5 burpees

SSH x 25 IC

5 burpees

TTT x 20 IC

5 burpees

AC forward x 15 IC

5 burpees

AC backwards x 15 IC

5 burpees

Mosey to the track

The Thangs:

Burpee Mile (10 burpees, run a lap, rinse and repeat 4 times)

Mosey to the pad for 11’s with burpees and vups


10 Tempo Merkins

10 Fast Merkins

5 Burpees for an even 125 for the day

American Hammers x 25 IC

Flutters x 25 IC

20 seconds of back scratchers


CoT (Circle of Trust)

Cor, NoR ,

Announcements: Sell Everything!

Prayer Requests: Prayers for the family of the boy from Hilton Head High who committed suicide


–Ray is back @thebuck and still makes it look easy

–Adidas is very creative with his trophies.

–Congrats to Chubby Bunny and Judge Judy on winning the creative trophies

Coach K out!

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