OlymPAX Challenge- Winter 2020 Games

Welcome to the first OlymPAX Challenge- Fit Test- Convergence. 25 PAX representing F3 Bluffton, F3 Hilton Head, and F3 Beaufort took on a morning of testing their physical and mental abilities utilizing a fitness test designed by F3 The Fort and all got better.

Weather: 66, drizzle, cloudy, windy, gloomy- Perfect

QIC: Adidas CO-Q: Wet Wipes

The following exercises were performed for AMRAP or time. Perfect form was expected.

Merkins- AMRAP in 2 minutes

Big Boy Sit-ups- AMRAP in 2 minutes

Burpees- AMRAP in 2 minutes

Bear Crawl- for time, length of football field

One mile run- for time

Ball to the wall- for time (2 minute max)

Six inch plank- for time (2 minute max)

Burpee Chase- Run one lap with 5 burpees at each turn (4 sets) for time

HR Merkin Chase- Run one lap with 5 HR Merkins at each turn (4 sets) for time


The plan is to have the OlymPAX games every 6 months. A winter and summer games. See where I’m going with this? Ideally, it should be rotated through the region at different AO’s with each group putting the event on. This is not my event, it is ours. Have ideas to improve? Let’s here them. Should we have a Clydesdale division? Things like that. Let’s have it at HH. Then Beaufort. Coastal Empire, let’s get in the mix. The exercises should remain the same though, so we can retest and gauge our improvements.

Mumble Chatter was awesome. It was very cool as QIC to hear all of the encouragement and ball busting between the PAX. What’s it’s all about!

Sawed Off and Swanson were called up for T Claps for their work on the P200 Kick Off Band Party and Pork Butt Sales. Lots of time being put in to ensure our fundraising efforts are successful. Remember why and who we are doing this for. Also remember, our M’s, 2.0’s, and brothers fartsacking will want to get better and be better when we lead with good example. Be that example!

It is an honor to be able to lead such an awesome group of HIM. Your leadership over the last 6 months has sharpened my Iron, which then can sharpen the Iron of those around me, and so on. Awesome push men.

Results to be posted soon.

Adidas Out

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