PAX: Hacky Sack, Joker, Ball Cock, Coach K, Adidas, Judge Judy (QIC)

Warm Up: 10 SSH, 2 M, 10 AC, 4 M, 10 AC, 6 M, 10 TTT, 8 M, 10 Windmill, 10 M, 10 SSH, 12 M, 10 AC, 14 M, 10 AC, 16 M, 10 TTT, 18 M, 10 Windmill, 20 M

Thang: Mosey to Bus Loop. Jacob’s Ladders (w/ burpees) to 7 and back down.

4 MOM: AH x 30, TM x 10, BS x 10


Announcements: Bluffton Ultra has sold more butts than any other team.


(1) Two more PAX than Tuesday.

(2) Mumblechatter was on point… Clemson football, Nike’s take over of the world except for sunglasses, beach volleyball and Joker’s new millennial look (skinny jeans are next) – RESPECT!

JJ out.

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