Coyote and Deer Protection?

1-8-20 @ The Brig

40 degrees and a little chilly!

On Deck: Spaulding, Nae Nae, Mini Van,  Hard Hart (Qic).

Warm Up:  TTT x 10, Arm Circles forward x10, Arm Circles reverse x10, Air Presses x10, Hillbillies x10, Imperial Walkers x10, SSH x10.

The Thang:  Mosey towards the front parking lot of the middle school and we retrieved a 6 lbs medicine ball strategically placed by yours truly. While one man does wall balls, the other three run the parking lot loop at a quick pace.  Once group returns from the run,  the wall ball stops.  Gather together for arm circles,  air presses and your choice of A core workout.  Rinse and repeat until every pack has done the circuit twice. With ten minutes left we headed back to the AO.

Mary:  No Time.


Announcements:  HHI P200 team meeting, January 20th, at 1800.

Prayers:  Linda and Minivans travel.

Moleskin:  During our mosey we discussed deer and coyote culling.  The question was raised about contraception and how a deer would apply a condom with hooves?  Now that is a great question and Minivan said he will attempt with mittens on and report his findings. I will admit I was ok leaving the ball and pick up via motorized transportation after the workout but I was called out and the four of us took turns carrying it back to the AO.  Just another fine example of accountability and trying to make each other better.

A fun but different workout and always a pleasure to work out with these men.

Hard Hat!

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