2020 has begun

PAX:  Hermanos, Chumbucket, Mini-van, JV, Radar, Goose, Lamont, Spiccolli, Bartman (QIC)

Conditions:  Perfect

Disclaimer:  Push yourself, push the guy next to you.


  • AC’s x 15
  • Squats x 15
  • Burpees x 10 (thanks Spiccolli)
  • TTT x 15

The Thang:  Buddy Workout…pair off with similar sized PAX but first 10 burpees (thanks JV)

  1. Buddy carry to first tree, switch and buddy carry to next tree, switch. Continue to Pavillion
  2. Wheel barrel back, switching at each tree.
  3. Buddy carry back to Pavillion doing 20 merkins and switching at each tree.
  4. Go to Bike Racks for 11’s…P/U’s and merkins
  5. Quick mosey to blocks for:
  • Squats x 75
  • Curls x 50
  • OHP’s x 25
  • Blockees x 10

Mosey back to the flag for Mary


BBSU’s and American Hammers, 1:4 up to 8:32




  • Sell P200 kick-off tickets!!
  • January Q sheet is empty, sign up
  • Reach out to PAX that haven’t been posting and reach out to those in your circle to get new PAX


  • Travelers


  • As promised, there was minimal running.
  • Spiccolli didn’t get enough burpees.  He may start showing up late more often.
  • A lot of mumble-chatter during the buddy carry and a lot of thanks given that Squid and his silkies weren’t there for the wheel-barrel activity.

Was great to start 2020 out with this group of men.  Y’all push me to be better every day.

Bartman out!

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