9 Pax :Big Spur, Chubby Bunny, Dabo, Sawed Off, Peaches, OJ, Rachel Ray, Swanson, Wet Wipes QIC

Disclaimer : I’m not a trained professional. You might get hurt if you do everything I say, so pay attention.

20 SSH : 11 TTT : 10 Arm circles forward then back

Mosey to Dubois Park

The Thang:

12 Burpees, 30 LBC’s, 19 Merkins then take a lap around the block. Rinse repeat 4 more times. Last crew in cozy up with anyone still working to finish up.

40 dips on the fence then line up on the street

Indian run back to 46 and take us to the AO. Stop at Tabby Shell Rd and jailbreak to the pool.

Mary: on the basketball courts : Scissor kicks, Low Plank – Done!

Announcements : Sell party tickets, have a safe new year.

Mumble chatter -Not an original concept to use the date for exercises, but it was a mix of everything. Sawed Off played chicken with a car during jailbreak and won. A large puddle had something to do with it. Great push by everyone. 48 burpees, 120 lbc, 76 merkins, and 2.6 miles.

It was a pleasure. Stickler Out!

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