Pax Present 8 count. Same number as the temp this morn.

Chilly…very chilly.

PAX> Otis, Coach K, Judge Judith, Harbaugh, Chubby Bunny, Buckeye, Swanson, Whip (Q)


Warm Up: 1 Merkin 2 Merkin 3 Merkin 4 Merkin 5 Merkin

Mosey: Just down the road and around the bend to pick up PAX.

Thang 1 (15 min AMPRAP

Bear Crawl (__25___ yards)

Partner Carry (__25__ yards)

24 Merkins Rotating Partner
10 second break

Thang 2
100 Partner Burpees

Thang 3
Mystery Mary


2 late arrivals evened out our number at 8.
Getting my butt back in gear and excited to lead today. Partnering up was easy….Swanson weighs 260 lbs. in case y’all need the info. FYI he told me that, I didn’t ask. Super nice guy! Allen Ware carried Harbaugh to the Savannah bridge and back…never broke a sweat. Otis showed up and did bear crawls with a buffalo trophy in hand. Great job Ben!

Buckeye is 42 years young. Think about that. Jason, please mail whatever fountain of youth pills you are taking to my home address. PS please don’t send any “blue” pills. I’m not there yet.

Harbaugh was strong today! Great finish with burpees bro.

Bear Crawl/Pax Carry/ Merkin Rotate AMRAP seemed to work good for the first 10 minutes. Last 5 was even better. 100 Burpees after that was like drinking Mrs. Butterworth straight.

Judge Judy is considering running for public office. He already won.
Statement untrue.


Whip out.


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