Pain Pad at What the Buck

PAX: Pig Pin, Wetwipes, Harbaugh! , Joker- respect, Ballcock, Sawed Off, Cowbell, Donut Hole- respect, HardHat, Spaulding, Boomer Sooner, Flea, Yo Yo Ma, Urkel, Coach K, Swanson, Shocker, Cable Guy(FNG), Hacky Sack(FNG),Adidas- Q

Weather: Perfect

Disclaimer: Push yourself and the men next to you. I am not a trained pro. Modify as needed.

Warm Up: Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Baby arm circles, all IC. 10 Merkins OYO. Pull ups: hit your max

Main Thang:

  • Partner up
  • 8 pain stations for as many rounds as time allows
  • Battle Rope- 30/60/90 seconds. Partner squats while other performs exercise. Then switch and move on to next station
  • Merkins- 15/20/25, partner shoulder tapS
  • Overhead press with block- 15/20/25, partner planks
  • Ruck Squat- 15/20/25, partner planks
  • Chest press with block- 15/20/25, partner shoulder taps
  • Slam Ball- 15/20/25, partner squats
  • Curls with rocks- 15/20/25, partner planks
  • Kettle Bell Swings- 15/20/25, partner shoulder taps

Rinse and repeat until time

6MOM- Pax choice: American Hammer, Dirty Dogs, Hello Dolly, LBC

Announcements: Get out and sell P200 kick off Party tickets. AccountabiliTREE. Get men to post!

Lots of mumble chatter, esp about the battle ropes. Was great to have some FNG’s and Cooter’s to welcome back. My intention of doing a low impact workout was to get some of our injured brothers back in the gloom with us. Let’s remember that F3 Workouts are open to ALL Men! Possibly due to that, or the fact that we had a 2nd F last night, we had a great showing of 20 MEN. What ever the reason, we might need to look at doing both of these two things more often.

It is a true honor and privilege to lead such a great group of men.

Adidas Out

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