Keep it diverse but simple enough for a 9 year old

12 Pax : Adidas, Harbaugh!, Coach K, Judge Judy, Pig Pen, Shocker, 8 Ball, Roker, Urkel, Yo-Yo Ma, Cow Bell, Wet Wipes QIC

Disclaimer : Not trained and barely awake, don’t get hurt. Some counts or exercised may be off.

25 SSH : 10 Merkins : 10 Arm circles forward then back : 10 Ranger Merkins : 20 Hillbillies : 10 Wide arm Merkins

Indian Run to the pavilion by the tennis courts.

Aiken Legs : Done in succession with no rest

20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (10 ea leg), 20 Split Jacks (10 ea leg) x 2 full cycles

Head to the tennis court and plank for the 6.

Bearpees crawl from the white lines (width) of the 2 courts. 4 hand plants of the bear crawl, then do a burpee till you get to the outside line. Then go back.

11’s Squat – Mosey – Split Jacks (last 2 sets jail break between the lines)

Meander to the pond and pick out a girl for the dance (that’s a rock). Everyone put them down on the ground. Now rotate 3 spots clockwise. IC – Air presses to 10 or 15, put them down and rotate again. IC Curls to 20ish. rotate again. 10 – pick up rock, curl, overhead air press, reverse curl, drop rock, pick it up and do it again. rotate, skull crushers, put rocks back.

mosey to the wall – 40 dips oyo

Indian run to the pad. With 8 ball in the lead we were on a wild race.

Mary : Crunchy frogs, Alphabet, Back Scratchers, Low Plank for the finish


Announcements : today we nominate Jack Sparrow as our ornament for the tree. Jack, you are missed. Come back and join us in the gloom.

Prayers : Urkel’s daughter – dealing with being off balance, Harbaugh! lost a friend in OH to the flu over the weekend, Shocker’s friend Donald Cook just had open heart surgery – PTL he got to the hospital and prayers for recovery.

Mumble chatter – started off with a bang as 8 Ball turned 9 today. I am always torn between the tennis courts and the bleachers. Playing tennis today. Everything was fine until we started doing split jacks. That seems to be when the beasts and grunts came out. By the time we made it back to the pad and were on our backs practicing the alphabet Cowbell or someone said something that caused me to start laughing that I could barely keep it moving in the right direction. Even forgot the letter U. JJ pointed out that we just kept doing back scratchers until we finally felt what they are meant to do. My number was 25. It was a good effort by everyone. Glad to see the numbers were up today in spite of the cold.

Happy Birthday 8 Ball! You nailed it. 9 yr old.

Image result for happy birthday

It was a pleasure. Stickler Out!

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