2nd F Holiday Party @ Spauldings

12.06.19 @ 6pm – 25 Clyde Lane

PAX:  Hilton Head and Bluffton PAX plus 1, Q-Spaulding and M

Conditions:  Perfect for some fellowship and holiday cheer

Disclaimer: Obey the speed limit (right Meatgazer)


We have adopted two families from the Boys and Girls Club.  Please bring a gift(s) for the family.  Gift cards for the parents would be appreciative.

1st Family – Parents and 4 girls.  10yrs old (size 8/9 in clothes), 8yrs old (size 7/8 in clothes), 7yrs old (6/7 in clothes) 6yrs old (6/7 in clothes) :none of them have bikes

2nd Family – Single mom and 2 sons. 7yrs old (7/8 in clothes), 1yr old (2T)


Appetizers and drinks


Please RSVP by 12/1.  Send me a text at 843.422.5890



Make sure all 4 tires are on the pavement when parking.  You will need to RSVP to get past Security (right Shingles)



To be completed on December 7th.


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