Spauldings Tired

Welcome & Disclaimer

  • Wednesday, November 20
  • Conditions: 49, clear skies perfect F3 weather for the LowCountry!
  • PAX: MiniVan (Q-respect), Radar, Hardhat, Hermanos, Nae Nae, Goose (Respect x2)
  • Warmup IC
    • TTT x 10
    • ACF x 10
    • ACB x10
    • IW x 15
    • SSH x 15
  • The Thang:
    • Mosey to BB courts
      • Carioca Suicides
      • Back Pedal Suicides
    • Mosey to school lot
      • Carioca Suicides
      • Back pedal suicides
    • Mosey to high school lot
      • Snake through the lot
        • Start at curb with 1x burpee curb jump
        • other end of parking lot 1 x plank jack
      • Increase with each loop finish with 10 at Auditorium steps
    • Mosey to school lot
      • Carioca Suicides
      • Back pedal suicides
    • Mosey to flag
  • Mary: Dealers choice at corners
    • MiniVan: 25 Pickle Pointers
    • Radar: 25 American Hammers
    • Hardhat: 12 twist ups each side
    • Nae Nae: 30 Flutters IC
    • Goose: 20 Big Boys
    • Hermanos: 10 Crunchy Frogs

Announcements: The same

Prayers: Perry family / Remember whats important as the holiday/ busy season hits us

  • Moleskine:
    • Spaulding was tired and needed a day off
      • Hardhat knows how to get to F3 without Spaulding
    • Surprisingly, Radar (Robert Denckhoff) is of German descent and not from a Jewish Canadian family
      • The name never would have given that away
    • Nae Nae has a $2,000,000.00 copier for sale – you need 70′ of space
    • Hermanos (Still shaken by JV’s crash) was hesitant to walk past MiniVan while I was backing up to park
    • Goose is playing golf today

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