Rainy rings of fire

Conditions – Rainy and in the 40s

Pax – PePe, EEEEEE!!!!, Monsewer, Baby Shoes, Cpl Pirate Klinger, Conroy

Warmup – SSH x24, TTT x12, LBAC in Airchair fwd, bwd, overhead claps and raise roof x10


cupid shuffle – all pax in plank – song comes on all pax do mountain climbers, slide to the right when prompted a then to left – merkin every time promotes – then mountain climbers waiting for chorus.
4 minutes- all smoked.


mosey to bridge-

Merkin ring of Fire – 10,9 – Indian run to top of bridge, 8,7,6. Fast Indian run to lady’s Island side – 6 again and 5. Fast Indian run to Whitehall Rd. 4,3,2,1 – run all together to end of road then new rind of Fire – 10, 9, 8.
bear crawl about 40 yards – lots of moaning about surface. Started raining hard. Mosey back to bridge when Chumbawamba tubthumbin comes on – burpee every time he gets knocked down but he gets up again / continue with Merkins during chorus. Mosey yo the bridge when pirate took off. All caught up – lunges between lamp posts up bridge then mosey to top. derkin line of Fire at top of bridge 10,9,8. Mosey down bridge to swings – swing derkin line of Fire 8,7,6.
mosey to pavilion. Derkin line of Fire 5,4,3,2,1

5 minutes left – American hammer ring of Fire – descending 10-1.

circle of trust done from plank position.

good Saturday start. Coffeteria at City Java.

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