Inclement Weather

Date: 11/16/2019

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Peaches, Dabo and Swinney, Lombardi, Buckeye – 5 PAX

Conditions:  47 degrees, torrential downpours, and 60 minutes of rain…GOOD

Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, trained, and lacks skill, you are exercising at your own risk.

Another workout with the less desirable part of the 3rd Core Principle in full full effect.   Seems to be a lot of those lately.  Lombardi was the first at the AO and ready to get after it followed by YHC and then Peaches rolled in.   After a quick discussion Buckeye takes the impromptu Q. Dabo and Swinney join the group and the rain is coming down in buckets.  PAX line up under the partial cover of the sidewalk canopy #troopwelfare for:


-Side Straddle Hops, Seal Jacks, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, more Side Straddle Hops, TTT, and some burpees to stay warm.

-PAX rip off the band-aid and take a short mosey around the paved path and stop back at the sidewalk canopy for:


Baker’s Dozen:

  • 8-Count Body Building x 13 OYO
  • Jump Squat x 13 single count cadence
  • “Uphill” Big Boy Sit-up x 13 OYO
  • Starburst x 13 single count cadence

-PAX run as fast or slow as they want in the rain out to the soccer goal (25 yards away) and back to the sidewalk.

-Rinse and repeat 12 reps and run, 11 reps and run , 10 reps and run , 9 reps and run, 8 reps and run, 7 reps and run, 6 reps and run, 5 reps and run across the entire field, touch the fence and run back, 4 reps and run field, 3 reps and run field, 2 reps and run field, 1 rep and run field.

PAX mosey to the basketball court for some “filler time”:

-Broad Jump Burpee from end line to end line, broad jump back.

-A few rounds of:  Tempo Merkins, Tarantulas, and Wall Sits

-Mosey back to the sidewalk canopy for:

6 MOM:

-3 more PAX (Otis, Harvey Updyke, Judy), that are getting in a few miles in the rain, stop by to say what a fine morning we are having.

-Flutterkicks, 5 Burpees to stay warm, AMERICAN Hammers, 5 Burpess to stay warm, Crunchy Frogs, 5 Burpees to stay warm, Back Scrathers, 1 Burpee and DONE!


-Prayers for the Perry family and a full recovery.


-Great work by all the PAX in some horrible conditions.  This WO does not happen without each PAX there being accountable to each other and embracing the suck together.  #sharedmisery

-No Buckeye weinke this morning with the impromtu Q so the rep counts are unknown with exception of the Baker’s Dozen: 8-Count Body Builder x 91,  Jump Squat x 91, “Uphill” Big-Boy Sit-Up x 91, and Starburst x 91.

-Burpees will always keep you warm, always.

Buckeye Out

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