Gloves are the same things as a binky

9 Pax

preblast said it would suck + normal disclaimer.

50 ssh ic + 10 arm circles forward and backwards + try 10

Pullups x 10 plank + 5 more

Mosey to track. Start with 30 burpees OYO then half mile run two laps around the track then 20V ups OYO then another two laps around the track plank or pick up the six.

Head to the bleachers touch every step at the bottom of the last do 20 dips OYO.

mosey back to the pad and grab a present. Cinder blocks. Line up and do 10 overhead air presses, lunge walk with the block to the other line on the far side. Do 10 curls lunge walk back. Rinse repeat. This happened 2 times at least.

4 minutes of Mary legs up 6 in and hold it then flutter kicks times 10 in cadence then legs held at 12 in high and hold it another 10 in cadence legs again at 6 inches and hold and then another 10 in cadence. Then we finished out with high plank transition to low plank done.

no prayer requests no announcements. Don’t be lame show up contribute let’s keep making each other better.

Stickler out.

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