Town Property

70 degrees low humidity

Intro/ Disclaimer/ Welcome

PAX: MiniVan (Q) Brutus, Hardhat, Spaulding, Musk, Radar, Hermanos, Nae Nae and Bartman (respect) – But we really don’t know how long Bartman was there…

Warmup: 10 TTT (IC) Continue refusal to start with SSH / 10 IW/ 10 HB / 25yard carioca/ 25 yard carioca reverse / 25yard back pedal

  • The Thang:
    • 1.2ish mile run to the old Modern Classic Motors lot
      • By surprise there were 8 blocks for the 8 PAX on the concrete pad
    • Step up (not an ordinary step…) with block into a curl and overhead press
      • 10 each leg , 20 curls, 20 overhead press
    • Sit on wall / 25 curls IC / 20 chest press IC / 20 Bench press IC
    • Lunge walk 10 steps out and back with block
    • 30 squats with block
    • Rinse and repeat decreasing reps by 5
    • Finish off with 3 step ups
    • We still have 1.2ish miles to get back to the AO…
  • MARY – Flutters for the 6
  • Announcements: P200, Buffalo Run, Nutcracker Run
  • Prayers: Musk father-in-law , Schnitzel travel
  • Moleskin: Bartman “I’m going to hang back and do a speed workout” I think what he meant was – I’m going to leave as soon as you guys are out of sight….
    • Some felt we may have crossed ZIP codes during the workout (didn’t)
    • Wondered if the old lot used to be a shrine to the Jacoby family (wasn’t)
    • Spaulding concerned we may have been trespassing (weren’t)
    • Traffic on the way out(light) on the way back (heavy)

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