The Yacht Club Playground Tour

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer

  • When: October 22, 2019
  • QIC: Spaghetti-O
  • The PAX: Chumbucket, Ambien (respect), Hard Hat, Spaulding, Goose (respect, respect), Lamont (respect), Hermanos, Radar, Schnitzel (respect), Subprime, Beater, Warm Water (Cleveland)
  • Conditions: 72 Degrees & humid

Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise):

  • SSH x 50
  • Through the Tunnel x 10
  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Arm Circles Forward and back x 10

The Thang:

Mosey to Neptune:

On the way, stop for 25 Derkins and 25 Squats

Box jump the stairs at both buildings of Water’s Edge

At Neptune:


10 box jumps and 1 Dip

Go for a run and do it again!

Mosey back to the flag and leave no man behind.


30 Flutters


Prayer Requests:

There are several F3 families that are currently affected by cancer, please keep these men and their families in your prayers.  Prayers for Hermanos’ family including his neice (recovering) and his aunt who recently passed.  Prayers for those men unable to join us this fine Tuesday.


Invite someone out to join us – it is a great time to get started at The Yacht Club!

Find a spot on the Q sheet and sign yourself up!

Weinstein’s VQ on Thursday.  Be there!

Nice push today, Gentlemen!

~ Spaghetti O Out.

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