“The” Soprano

PAX: Big Spur, Compost, Sawed off, Adidas, Rachel Ray, Dabo, Hair Clog, Stones, 12gauge, Joker (Respect), Swanson, The Soprano (Respect) Peached (QIC)

Conditions: Cooler than normal, shirt only half soaked at end

Disclaimer: Same

Warm up:

SSH x 15 IC

AC x 10 IC both ways

TTT x 15 IC

Mosey to Road

THANG: Merkin 5k

Run 5k loop, stop at every turn and add 2 merkins to previous count.  Started at 2 and ended at 30. (YHC couldn’t finish 30 so he broke into 3 sets of 10)

3 MOM:

-Flutters x 15 IC hold 6″ for 15 Seconds, Flutters x 15 IC hold 6″ for 15 Seconds, Flutters x 15 IC hold 6″ for 15 Seconds

-Dirty Dogs 15 IC both ways


-Sign up for P-200 slackers

-Wrap your head around 100k


-Swanson as a camp counselor at camp Driftwood?

-Friend of Big Spur has child that choked on Grape and is in ICU

-Stones for Accountability to Post and Lead


-After the 4th comments from Orange shirt on the Indian Run, I suspected the Voice was a visitor I remembered from a few years back (who favors one of our regular PAX that was coincidentally absent).  To confirm my suspicion, and since he was so chatty I figured he might as well call the cadence for 20 Merkins, on the 3rd Merkin the #MOB kindly lowered his volume from a 99 to an appropriate 7. #TheSoprano

-Swanson has a new BFF

-Big Spurs new Uggs may be loud, but he is still fast.


Always a pleasure to Lead,

Peaches out!


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