IPC sampling

16 PAX: Dabo, Squeeler, Joker, 12 Gauge, Buckeye, Peaches, Ball Cock, Cockaboose, Big Spur, Handy Manny, Wet Wipes, Swanson, Rachel Ray, Gatorbait, Cowbell, Gambit (QIC)

Conditions: 73 degrees with a continued moistness in the air

Disclaimer: don’t hurt yourself and modify as needed

Warm-up: (IC) SSH x 25, TTT x 10, Windmills x 10, Squats, x 10, Merkins x 10, mosey lap and break off to pick up  a coupon from the storage area.

Partner up for the Thang:

Partner 1 will bearcrawl block drag from track to the flag and back while Partner 2 complete LBCs. Switch until both partners have completed the bearcrawl

Dora: cumulative reps. Partner 1 completes stated exercises while partner 2 runs to the fence and back. Switch until all reps of exercise are completed.  Burpee block jump x 50, chest to  the block merkin x 100, block swings x 150, squat thrusters x 200, curls x 250 (audible to 200 due to  time at the end).

Return Blocks to storage area and circle up back at the flag

Announcements: P200 signup tab is on the Q sheet. Teams will be formed mid month(ish)

Prayers: all unspoken


  1. Blocks  always seem to add another dimension to the workout. They should come out more often…
  2. Dabo asked for the traction machine for his back 10 min into the workout. Should be a good Wednesday for him
  3. Handy Manny with form on point for the squat thrusters
  4. Mumblechatter quickly faded into moans 15 min in
  5. Wet Wipes felt guilty for leaving Coach K alone yesterday
  6. Ball Cock had his M set the alarm for this morning so it was done correctly

Good work this morning fellas!

Gambit out!

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