Fartsacking creates Leadership Opportunity

Not always a bad thing if your designated Q doesn’t make it to the AO.  It creates a great chance for another man to lead.

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer

  • When: September 17, 2019
  • QIC: Spaghetti-O
  • The PAX: Chumbucket, Ambien, Nae Nae, Cardinal, Go Daddy, Tramp Stamp, Singlet
  • Conditions: 77 Degrees & humid

Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise):

  • SSH x 25
  • Through the Tunnel x 10
  • Imperial Walker x 10
  • Arm Circles Forward and back x 10

The Thang:

Mosey to Neptune:

On the way, stop for 20 Derkins and 30 Dips

Box jump the stairs at both buildings of Water’s Edge

At Neptune:

10 QBerts two-foot hop up and down the Neptune steps

Ring of Fire Incline Merkins

Ring of Fire Dips

In the marina:

1st gangplank:


1 Burpee

2 Overhead Claps

3 Merkins

4 Big Boys

5 Squats

At each gangplank increase the reps of each exercise by 1

Made it to the bridge where we started with 7 Burpees

On the way back:

Stop for a set of 10 Hand Release Merkins


10 Hello Dolly

20 Big Boys

20 LBCs

50 Flutters


Prayer Requests:

JV has injured his face in a surfing accident and Cardinal is still looking for a job.    Prayers for those men unable to join us this fine Tuesday.


Invite someone out to join us – it is a great time to get started at The Yacht Club!

Find a spot on the Q sheet and sign yourself up!


~ Spaghetti O Out.

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