Calhoun CLIMB

17 PAX : 1 FNG Paul Liggin (Big Papi), Joker, Big Spur, Gator Bait, Cubby, Buckeye, Dabo, Swanson, Roker, Yo-Yo Ma, Sweeney, Hair Clog, Kiffin, Squealer, Urkel, Ray, Wet Wipes (Q)


I am not a trained professional. Work at at your own risk. Push the guy next to you and push yourself. It’s been a while so this might get bumpy.

Conditions : 75 mild humidity & no rain. No love bugs.

Warmup/CoP (May the sweating begin)

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Merkin x 20 OYO
  • Arm circles forward/ backward x 15 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC slow and stead just the way Joker likes it.

The Thang

  • Mosey to the bridge for partner wheel barrow @ 1/2 way switch
  • Mosey on to COC for 30 dips OYO on the wall

Calhoun Street CLIMB

  • C – Crab Cakes
  • L – Lunges
  • I – Iron Cross Merkin
  • M – Mountain Climber
  • B – Burpee

At each street do CLIMB and return to COC for 10 SSH then head to the next street

Start first street with Cx1 Lx2 Ix3 Mx4 and Bx2(skip count these by 2 only) everything else builds per street = next street Cx2 Lx3 Ix4 Mx5 and Bx4 We got to Church St and then headed back to the flagless AO.

No Mary today, no time.

CoT (Circle of Trust)

Cor, NoR ,

Announcements: Support P200 Q’s – There is multiple this year as it is getting bigger.

Pray for Urkel’s daughter. She had a fall at school.

Mumblechatter and other musings

  • Squid’s car was there before we began and gone before we got back but no squid. It’s a mystery.
  • Swanson was his ole peachy self. The usual banter of I’ll punch you in the faced followed by I’ll kick you in the nuts. You know, the Uhz.
  • Counting and skip counting in the early AM is hard to do. I do know we made it 3 miles today fella’s. Good work!
  • Welcome FNG – Big Papi – Paul Lagan

Always a pleasure to volunteer to lead.

Wet Wipes – Brian Stickler

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