On the fly

PAX: MInVan(Q), Bartman(respect), Schnitzel(respect), Spaulding, Musk, Hardhat, Hermanoes

Conditions: Mid-70’s mid humidity, nice breeze – Something brewing down south (not Brutus either)

DISCLAIMER: Not trained, not a professional – hear at your own risk, get better

  • The Thang:
    • Warmup
      • TTT x 20ic (Q refuses to start any warmup with SSH)
      • IW X 20ic
      • Hillbillies x 20ic
      • SSH x 15ic
      • Mosey The Brig lot
    • Grab the tubes from Spaulding
      • Opps he doesn’t have them..
    • Grab the pavers then…
      • 1st stop 25 curls, 25 arm extensions, 25 arm flutters (palms up & down) 25 reverse merkins, 25 something else with arms
      • 2nd stop – same as above
        • Drop bricks at Island REC center – why should we keep carrying them?
      • 3rd stop at a curb
        • Flutters x 50ic, 15 curb jumps, 25 squats, 20 leg raises off curb
        • 4th same
        • 5th same
      • 6th stop back at IRC and grab pavers
        • lay on curb with head and arms extended out from curb with 6″ leg lift
          • No idea what this works but the whole body started to shake…
        • 7th stop same
      • Return to flag 2.8 miles later

Announcements: All present PAX electing to ride out Dorian – Stay Safe! Lets think positive and have a run day planned for Friday. Q sheet is open

Prayers: Dorian go away

  • Moleskine:
    • Improvised Q without the tubes
    • No idea what the 1 exercise did but everyone complained about it
    • Bartman at about the 2 mile mark “minivan, my legs are starting to feel the 6 miles from yesterday” Really… ya think
    • This should be MiniVans last Q at 49… If I have another Q before 50 I will be pissed
      • Supposed to be leaving for vaca Saturday…

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