Bert is Back…

07/31/19 @ MOB

PAX: Toothless, Joker, Gambit, Buckeye, Cowbell, Peaches, Ollie, Stones, Swanson, Floride, Sparrow, Diapers, Romo, Rachel Ray, Squealer, Dabo(QIC)

Conditions 75 deg –with Humidity is Back

Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk. Modify as needed but get your reps, push the guy next to you

Warm-up: SSH x 25

The Thang: The Bert

50 Burpees – 10 per minute for 5 minutes


100 Merkins


150 Lunge Walk Steps


200 Squats


150 Lunge Walk Steps


100 Merkins


30 Burpees – 10 per minute for 3 minutes

Not Completed: 20 More Burpees!

Mary: Pointless


Prayers: Safe travels for Romo and Family, 20YO girl killed on Jet Ski, Family of Erik Anderson, Unspoken Friend of Joker, Other unspokens

Moleskin: Workout was discovered earlier this week, Q’d by DarkHelmet @Honeybadger in Charlotte region. Found by Peaches, texted to Dabo, inspired to attempt 1st at the buck, and re-attempted at MOB to complete…. So Close, so, so close. Later Discovered that Honeybadger has a 1 hour workout on Mondays. Despite the brutality of the workout, mumblechatter was abundant. Joker ‘removed his collar’ for a while, Gambit never lost focus on his usual motivational advice, Floride got a PT consult about halfway through-only to be told by our staff PT that he is old and fat, Toothless questioned his decision to show up this morning for a 2nd attempt at this non-sense, Peaches questioned why he would share such a brutal workout, Stones almost merlot’d, It takes Swanson and Buckeye 4 hours to drive the 2.5 hours it takes to get to Florence, SC,  The rest of us sweated and suffered, and feared the impending leg pain of trying to sit on the jon later that afternoon.

T-Claps to Toothless, halfway through his 6 for 6 – Sorry/Not Sorry for the back to back Bert.

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