Condition: 73 degrees low humidity, Is this really July 24th on Hilton Head?

The PAX: MiniVan (Q), Schnitzel, Brutus, backdraft(Cleveland), PooBear(Atlanta)

Welcome, intro & disclaimer

  • Warmup:
    • TTT x 15 – Why do we always start with SSH?
    • SSH x 20
    • ACF & ACB x 10
    • AFTU & AFTD x 10
    • Hillbillies x 10 – How many PAX actually do a Hillbilly correct?
  • The Thang:
    • 1 set of 11’s
      • Legs raised 6″ with arm extensions holding bricks
        • Karaoke to next stop
      • Legs raised 6″ with seal clap while holding bricks
        • Lap back to #1
    • 2nd set of 11’s (PAX Favorites)
      • Pickle pounders
      • Pickle pointers
    • 1 lap running backwards
  • Mary: While holding bricks
    • Needle (leg raise 6″ arms straight back 6″)
    • Iron cross
    • bob
  • Prayers:
    • Schnitzel travel, closing a large and lengthy PO
    • Brutus family friend lose of Father
    • Backdraft son dealing with PTSD
  • Moleskin:
    • Pickle pointers and pounders are a crowd pleaser, pounders look very graphic when performed with 1 arm on the ground and 1 behind the back…
    • How does someone get the name “poobear”?
    • Might be a surprise.. 4 of the 5 PAX had lived in Ohio at 1 point in their life

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