Back in the Saddle

PAX: Peaches (QIC), Swanson, Dabo, Big Spur, Gambit, Rachel Ray, Trump, Hair Clog, Adidas, Squealer, Diapers

Conditions: 76 with 99% humidity and -5 mph vacuum


Warm up:

SSH x 10 IC

AC x 15 IC both ways

TTT x 15 IC

Mosey toward COTC:

Bear crawl across the bridge

Thang:  Merkin Ladder to 21

Start at COTC with 1 merkink run north a block do 2 merkinsk go west a block do 3 merkinsk go north a block do 4 merkins…all the way to Highway 46 then back south until we reach 21 merkins.  Jail break N/S, Mosey E/W

Failure for YHC occurred around 18 so he asked Gambit to count 19, Swanson 20 and YHC pulled it together (barely) to count 21 merkins IC at Lawrence and Calhoun.

Mosey to Green for 40 LBC’s OYO

Mosey to Calhoun for 30 LBC’s OYO where? CALHOUN! we are on Calhoun sir? YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! south a block

Mosey to Allen for 20 LBC’s OYO (be sure to engage your core)

Mosey south 1 block for 10 LBC’s OYO

Mosey to bridge and lunge walk across

Indian run to flag


Flutters x 27 IC




-If you are posting regular, sign up to Q at least once a month.  If you have not Qed you are missing the best part of F3.

-Keep encouraging FNG’s that post to come back and help when the post.


-Praise for Hairclogs employees sons returning home

-Diapers brother on the job hunt


-YHC always takes the Q after vacation because he can count on you men to kick his butt back in shape after a week off, thanks to each of you for the push.

-Swanson showed no sign of quit this am

-Gambit and Spur crushed the Jail breaks, it was the opposite for YHC

-If you need an additional disclaimer to run on a certain street, its not really a street #Greenstreet




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