Bring an Air Mattress to my Office…

Warm Up

SSH  x 15

LAC x 10 (each way)

TTT x 10

Reverse lap to the basketball courts and circle up.

The Thang- 1000 Rep Challenge

50 x OYO (Repeat)


Big Boy Sit UPS

Mountain Climbers




Alternating Shoulder Taps


Monkey Humpers


Between the first round and at the end we did a lap around the track. Total 1 mile


Each PAX calls out the exercise for 10 reps  till 6:00am. Unfortunately Gambit didn’t get a chance to call for a round of burpees. 

COT – Unanswered and the Dystrka family for the loss of their father (Buckeye’s sister’s pastor in Michigan).

Moleskin – Looking at the Q sheet yesterday, it was completely empty… I knew that I needed to hold myself accountable so I signed up. This is the second time doing this challenge, it still sucks.

At 10am Dabo texted me asking for an air mattress to be dropped off at his office because he was exhausted.

It was a pleasure working out with this group of men today.

Swanson Out



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