Six Locals – Six Visitors

PAX: Epstein (Kernersville), Spaulding, Doubtfire (Knoxville), Sir Mix-A-Lot (Wilmington), EPO (Wilmington – RESPECT), Simba (Wilmington), Horseshack (Roanoke), Schnitzel (RESPECT), Brutus, Mini Van, Hard Hat, Smog (QIC) – LOCATIONS MAY BE WRONG. I tried.

Conditions: Glorious. 77 F and Humid. My car was sweating.



20 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Reverse Lunges IC


5 Burpees OYO – Thanks, Brutus!

10 High Knees IC

Mosey to the School

Thang 1: FORTIES – Run to the other end of the parking lot, do 30 Merkins, run to the benches, do 10 Dips. Repeat adding / subtracting 5 until you finish with 10 Merkins and 30 Dips. Shoulders are afire.

Mosey to the Basketball Court

Thang 2: Ciabattas – 0:20 work / 0:10 rest – repeat 6 times. Squats, American Hammers, LBC’s, Alt Shoulder Taps.

Mosey to the Parking Lot across from the Court.

Thang 3: Partner Up with a stranger. Double modified DORA. 25 Burpees, 50 Big Boy Sit Ups, 75 Squats while your partner runs around the lot.

Indian Run back to the “shovel flag” that didn’t make it.

On your six for flutters / leg lifts the way Squid likes to do them. We got through 8 PAX before someone (Schnitzel, Brutus?) pointed out that I went over my allotted time. I shut it down and moved on to the CoT.

Counterama, Namearama, Announcerama, Ball of Man

Provided visitors with times and locations for the rest of the week. No spoken prayer requests – we are truly blessed.


  • All men worked hard today, but the visitors raised the bar and certainly pushed this Q to exercise harder than I expected this morning. Thank you all for that.
  • I post when I travel for work, but have not posted on vacation. I like to sleep in, but I love a new AO. Gonna post on my next vacation.
  • Epo (not sure where that name comes from) carried me on the DORA. I was toast at that point. Thank you, brother.
  • I’m always impressed by a group of men circling back to help a brother in need. Happened on the Indian Run today.
  • Epo double dipped on the Indian Run – never seen that before. He raced to the front, then to the back, then to the front again. There must be a name for that.
  • Horseshack forgot his age in the Namearama. “I don’t know the number.”
  • I started a GoFundMe for a new alarm clock for Brutus.
  • I mentioned my brother is from Wilmington (NC) where 3 of our visitors are from. Apparently, they provide transportation because they asked his name and address and said they would take it from there. Toby Hensley, 6015 Pine Laurel. Go get’em.

See you in the gloom.

Smog, out.

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