Is that a Cat with its head in bag?

PAX: Boomer Sooner, Ballcock, Dabo, Joker, Diapers, Big Spur, Romo, Jack Sparrow, Cowbell, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: Humidity 113% and overcast leading into heavy thunderstorm.


SSH x 25 IC

AC x 15 IC both ways

TTT x 13 IC

IW x 13 IC

Mosey to Dubois Park-5 Pull ups

Mosey to Calhoun/46 for 25 Merkins IC

Indian Run to Squat and Gobble for 25 Prisoner Squats IC

Indian Run to Oscar Frazer Park for Bear crawl across field to workout equipment

At this point a house cat (or raccoon) was spotted with its head stuck in a bag of Lay Potato Chips which Boomer Sooner snatched the bag from its head and finished the last 2 chips, good save boomer!


1 Partner runs around new building, other partner does work

50 Pull ups/100 Merkins/ 200 Squats/ 300 Dips

As thunderstorm built to the East we decided to head back halfway through the squats.

Quick Mosey to 8th Ave/Shultz 15 Squats and collect the six. (discussion begin on where we can take cover)

Quicker Mosey to Original Oscar Frazer Baseball Park 15 Squats IC (Pax decide covered Metal Basketball court would provide great cover but also a large lightning rod)

Even Quicker Mosey to Corner Perk, storm has set in. Rain not so bad but lightning kept PAX puckered tight.  Various exercises. 15 Squats IC x2, Merkins x 15 wide and Diamond, more squats.

All you got to Dubois Park (watch for puddles) Dips x 30 IC (Dabo)/Air Press x 30 IC/Dips x 30 IC (Dabo)/ Air Press x 30 IC/Dips x 30 IC (Dabo)/ Air Press x 30 IC

Lets start Mary here and maybe storm will pass. Flutters x 15 IC/American Hammer x 15 IC/Flutters x 10 IC/American Hammer x 10 IC/Flutters x 5 IC/American Hammers x5 IC.  Storm didn’t let up nor did the clock

Indian Run back for 25 Big boys IC by Dabo




Announcements: None!

Prayers: Unspoken


-I always chk the weather prior to workout but not today, we were 1.5 miles away when Romo said, yeah there is a t-storm coming at 6:45, he was 5 minutes late.

-Big Spur does not like Lightning, and he doesn’t like anyone or anything when lightning is around.

-Joker on the other hand loved it, jumping in puddles ect.

Always a pleasure to Lead

Peaches out

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