What did he say?

11 PAX : Ball Cock, Diapers, Jack Sparrow, Madoff, Joker, Harbaugh, Boomer Sooner, Handy Manny, Coach K, Mountaineer, Wet Wipes (Q)


I am not a trained professional. Work out at your own risk. Push the guy next to you and push yourself.

Conditions : upper 70’s humid no rain and a great breeze


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Arm circles forward and back x 15 IC
  • Imperial walker x 20 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC

The Thang

  • Mosey toward the bus loop and around to the football field
  • Bleacher run then meet in the middle of the field
  • 72 Burpees OYO in honor of 6 checks given @ $12k ea – finished early pick up the 6
  • 4 Corners escalator
  • 1st corner 5 Merkins
  • 2nd corner 5 Merkins / 10 American hammers
  • 3rd corner 5 Merkins/ 10 American hammers/ 15 Crunchy frogs
  • 4th corner 5 Merkins/ 10 American hammers/ 15 Crunchy frogs/ 20 Flutter kicks
  • Bleacher run
  • Indian Run back to the pad


  • Air humpers
  • Back scratchers


CoT (Circle of Trust)

Cor, NoR ,

Announcements: Sell Signs, check presentation June 18, 2020

July 4th Crossfit 5k in Bluffton. Beach Bum this Saturday


  • Lots of moaning and complaining at the number 72 for burpees
  • wild accusations that I was only making this up on the fly
  • Jack Sparrow is motivated by Ball Cock’s workout sounds
  • Joker needs a better alarm clock
  • Roker missed a beautiful morning
  • Who the heck brought the flag and took off like a bat out of…
  • Thanks, we now have a flag
  • Sign up to lead @ the Buck – It’s cleaner than the MOB
  • Boomer Sooner hijacked the Q for the Indian Run, but I don’t mind some help
  • All were cheering on toward the end of the Burpees! Good push

Honored to lead.

Wet Wipes – Out!

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