There’s Always DORA

Date: 6/4/19

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Madoff, Static, Ballcock, Kiffin, Coach K, Harbaugh – GO BLUE!, Cowbell, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:  Dry

8 PAX gathered on the pad of pain to find out they were Q-less for the morning.  After some brief pleasantries, it was time for YHC to shoot from the hip and the PAX got moving one minute late.

Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, not trained, lacks skill, and is making stuff up this morning, you are exercising at your own risk.


-SSH x 25 IC, while 2 PAX join in on the fun.  YHC did not recognize Ballcock in his Indy 500 visor and had to verify he wasn’t an FNG.

-Imperial Walkers x 20 IC

-TTT x 15 IC

-ATMs x 20 x 10 x 10

-Mosey to the pull-up bar and the PAX each have themselves a six-pack.  Pull-up x 1, Burpee x 5, Pull-up x 2, Burpee x 4 and so on.

-PAX mosey the parking lot stopping for some SSH OYO and tempo merkin x 10.

-PAX do not walk past the pull-up bar without doing pull-up x 1.


-PAX mosey to the nice field and pair up for some DORA.  Partner 1 performs the exercise while Partner 2 runs to the band camp trailer and back to the start point.  Count is cumulative for the following:

-Diamond Merkin x 100

-Big Boy Sit-up x 200

-Jump Squat x 300 #crowdpleaser #legdestroyer

-The prize for finishing early was 10 good burpees OYO and then PAX all finish DORA together with the final pair.

-TTT  x 10 IC

-PAX mosey back to the pull-up bar because Buckeye will never let a good pull-up bar go to waste.

-PAX form a single file line at the Pull-up bar and each PAX performs 1 pull-up and 1 hanging knee raise, and gets back in line.  Rinse and repeat with 2 reps and then 3 reps.

-PAX stay in single file line at a dry Pull-up bar for 1 mountain climber pull-up and 4 hanging knee raises, and then 2 mountain climbers pull-ups and 5 hanging knee raises.

-PAX mosey to the pad of pain for:

1 MOM:

Flutters x 20 IC and DONE at 0601.


-Announcements, prayer requests, and Shout Out.


-Pull-up count for the morning was 25.  #solidwork

-Great group of men this morning with great mumblechatter and the PAX got after it.

-Two Buckeye takeaways from this morning at the Buck:

  1. Anyone can Q!  String together a few warm-up exercises, there is always DORA for The THANG, find a pull-up bar or do 11s for some filler time, lead an ab exercise or two and your DONE.  Bottom-line is step-up and lead.  Lead in the gloom, lead in your homes, lead in your community.
  2. Get out of your comfort zone and visit a different AO from time to time.  You’ll get to know some more good dudes and find a renewed energy and motivation with the change of scenery.

-As always, an honor and pleasure to lead this group.

Buckeye Out




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