Bringing back burpee broad jumps

There must have been alot of PAX get tied up in the construction on Buckwalter this morning because only 5 brave souls made it to the pad by 5:15am.  Actually 4 and then Harbaugh came out of the darkness like a ninja a few minutes later.

PAX: Handy Manny, Joker, Shocker, Harbaugh, and Coach K (Q)

Conditions: sweaty


Warm up:

SSH IC x 25

TTT IC x 25

Arm circles forward and back IC x 15

Line up on side of pad, burpee broad jump to other side, bear crawl back, burpee broad jump again, crabwalk back, burpee broad jump again, crawl bear back, burpee broad jump across and backwards crab walk back.

Mosey to the football field

Start on goal line.  Run to 25yd line and do 25 merkins and run back to goal line

To 50yd line for 50 overhead claps and back

To opposite 25 for 75 plank jacks and back

To opposite goal line for 100 squats and back

To opposite goal line for 100 air presses and back

To opposite 25 for 75 lunges and back

To 50 for 50 lbc’s and 50 Alt shoulder taps and back

To 25 for 25 burpess and back

Run goal line to goal line and back

Mosey to pad for 20 x American Hammers IC and done.


Special Saturday work out at 6 am at Church of the Cross on Buckwalter then after helping move fitness equipment out of the school.  If you have a truck or trailer please bring it.  Questions contact Joker.

Prayer requests:

Harbaugh’s friend in OH who lost 2 cars and most of the roof of their house in the recent tornado.

It always a pleasure to lead.  Great group this morning.  Everyone pushed hard.

Coach K out!


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