#TYC 2nd Anniv

DATE: 5/25/19

CONDITIONS: 74 degrees, still, humidity high, tide low

PAX: 32 total PAX including visitors

DISCLAIMER: YHC is not certified in any way; all are working out at their own risk so modify if you need to.


SSH x 35 IC

TTT x 3 IC with claps from visiting PAX

YHC explains that F3Lowcountry is a non-clapping region

TTT x 15 IC (visiting PAX clap louder)

IW x 15 IC

Flutters x 20 IC (YHC explains #TheYachtClub’s affinity for Flutters began at #MOB. ANYTIME during the workout that you hear ANYONE utter the word ‘Flutters,’ all PAX participate IC for a count of 20).

Indian Run 1/2 mi

All PAX immerse themselves in the surf, emerging wet and ready

Tunnel of Love

Now that we’re wet AND sandy, it’s on!


B.O.M.B.S.: partner up, one PAX runs while the other works toward cumulative counts:

Burpees x 50

Overhead Claps x 100

Merkins x 150

Big Boy Sit-Ups x 200

Squats x 250

During the workout, various PAX called for Flutters…because they are very fun with wet shoes (for the 2nd anniversary, we did Flutters x 200).

Indian Run 1/2 mile

Squad Sit-Ups (in the surf) x 20

5MOM/F3 Core Principles

American Hammers x 30 IC

JLows x 30 IC

Crunchy Frogs x 20 IC

Jane Fonda style two-point plank things x 10 IC each side (Hi-Liter ALWAYS pleases)

Burpees x 10 OYO

Flutters x 20 IC



Welcome to Lil’Spoon


-Convergence at #MOB Wed 6/19 for check presentations to charities…BE THERE!

-We hope Judy’s yeast infection goes away quickly, without complications.

-Leadership needs to be renewed from time to time. In that vein, YHC has passed the shovel flag to Chumbucket, who is your new AOQ for #TheYachtClub. There are great things ahead of us.


The beach workouts are my FAVORITE! Water, sand, comments based in fear about unfamiliar wildlife…it’s always fabulous. This one did not disappoint. THANK YOU to all of the guys who made the drive from #MOB/Bluffton and points way further away.

This weekend while you are on the beach, at the pool, on the boat, etc., please remember the ones who have voluntarily sacrificed everything to assure us of the freedoms that we enjoy daily.

The privilege of leading this group is a very high honor. Thank you.

Squid, OUT


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