Make your own breeze

DATE: 05.22.19

CONDITIONS: 74 degrees, still, high humidity


Judge Judy, Big Spur, Gambit, Rachel Ray, Peaches, Dabo, Twelve Gauge, Swanson, Jack Sparrow, Cockaboose, Cowbell, Hair Clog, Stones, Compost, Ray, Squid-QIC


YHC is not trained or certified, you’re working out at your own risk.


Short mosey to Bridge/Boundary

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

Mosey to Calhoun/Lawton


V-Ups x 20 OYO

Sprint to Lawrence St

V-Ups x 18 OYO

Sprint x 2

V-Ups x 16 OYO

Sprint x 3

V-Ups x 14 OYO

Sprint x 4

V-Ups x 12 OYO

Sprint x 5

V-Ups x 10 OYO

Sprint x 6

V-Ups x 8

Sprint x 7

V-Ups x 6

Sprint x 8

Due to time limitations, mosey to the park for a round of Pull-Ups x max OYO.

Indian Run back to the AO.

5 MOM:

Dirty Dog x 10 ea leg IC (Gambit’s resolve weakened and he could no longer resist smacking YHC on the ass)

Flutters x 30 IC

Various Planks until time.




-While preparing for bed last night, I was making a mental list of all the reasons that I should take today off. Peaches sent a text offering the Q for MOB. Having the Q, I would have to go. If you are wavering about posting TAKE THE Q.

-Swanson needs to come up with a plan to facilitate perpetual breezes in downtown. The only breeze this morning was when Judy passed.

-We may need to add to the disclaimer; un-welcomed physical contact has become an issue. I still have a mark.

-I love this group of men. You make me better.

-Let’s give this away, ask someone today.

Squid, OUT


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