Tryers x2

10/11/19 MOB Workout

PAX: Peaches, Joker, Buckeye, Ballcock, Diapers (QIC)

Conditions 70 deg – getting thicker…

Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk. Modify as needed, push the guy next to you

Warm-up (IC unless otherwise stated): SSH x 30, TTT x 15, IW x 20, Arm circles x 15 ea direction, Mosey to get coupons and over to pad

The Thang: Different Thangz

#1 – Squat x 1 to Curls x 4 up to 10 & 40 just like Lt. Dan #crowdpleazer….arms still hurt 3 days later

#2 – Run to Exercise equipment and do 10 pull ups OYO

#3 – Run to backstop benches and do 11s with Dips and Derkins OYO

#4 – Bear Crawl from chain link gate to breezeway

#5 – Crab Walk from breezeway – to start of new Town parking lot

#6 – Back to pad for Over head press x 1 to Lunges x 4 (count each leg) up to 10 & 40 like Lt. Dan

#7 – walk the blocks back

5 MOM – Thor (1 BBSU to 4 AH) x 10/40



Announcements: QSource at 7:15 Corner Perk

Prayers: Unspoken


Its always humbling to sweat with such a solid group of guys. Thanks for pushing me. We had 4 at Corner Perk for QSource. Great discussion – good encouragement!


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