20 PAX : Flash, Judge Judy, Shocker, FloRide, Diapers, Joker, Ray, Coach K, Madoff, Squid, Gump, Harbaugh, Handy Manny, Big Spur, Roker, Cow Bell, TP, FNG-Pedialyte (Cody), FNG-Jillian (Connor Irwin), Wet Wipes – QIC


I am not a trained professional. Work at at your own risk. Push the guy next to you and push yourself.

Conditions : 71 humid no rain


I will try to write out a little more since we had 2 FNG.

  • Side Straddle Hop SSH x 30 in cadence
  • Merkins x 20 in cadence IC (some confusion here whether I was doing Temp or just pumping them out)
  • Through The Tunnel TTT x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walker IW x 30 IC
  • Pullup x 10 and wait on the pavement in plank till the 6

The Thang

  • Mosey then Jail Break to the wall
  • Tempo Dips x 20 IC
  • Wall Sit for 1 min
  • Balls 2 the Wall till I said stop
  • Dips x 20 OYO On Your Own
  • 20 Step Ups ea Leg on the wall
  • Form 2 lines for Indian Run to the Tennis Courts
  • BEARPEES crawl 4 steps forward then 1 Burpee till you get to the other side of the tennis courts. Rinse repeat 4 x’s to the other side. Each completion you add 1 burpee until you do 4. The end looks like 4 bear crawls forward and 4 burpees till the other side.
  • Air Humpers (per Joker request. – He’s got 6 kids. You understand) x 30 IC
  • 50 Big Boys OYO – don’t want those strawberries and raspberries healing up
  • Back Scratchers x 30 IC
  • Mosey to the bus loop for 2 laps
  • Mosey to the Drill Pad


  • 1 Minute of Flutter Kicks
  • DONE!

CoT (Circle of Trust)

Cor count-o-rama, NoR name-o-rama, Announcements: We are SOOO CLOOOSEEEEE to giving the charities all of the money but there are about 15 more sponsors that we need to send in the money. Collect if you can. Talk to Jacob Deuel if you need the list.

No Prayer Requests or honorable mentions today. Circle up on 1 knee and Joker led us through the Lord’s prayer.



  • ECO goes to JJ for coming out early for a 4 miler – it was killer
  • the 30 theme today had to do with my daughter Lula (#3) turned 10 yesterday and I now have 3 in double digits. 3 left to go.
  • Lots of chatter on the wall during wall sit. Probably my favorite was someone yelling no talking.
  • Balls to the Wall brought out more than just some grunts. Yes, I do know we are being filmed. Enjoy the show. Also, it feels better if you can find a crevice in the wall.
  • Big Spur loves both Bear Crawls and Burpees. He was super excited to learn you can meld them into 1.
  • Joker likes lying around.
  • Roker can predict more than the weather. He predicted the counts all morning pretty accurately.
  • Great work out there today. Good to see some FNG’s and thanks for the guys from HHI for crossing the border. The numbers were up and that got my energy up. I will not be repeating this one tomorrow at the Brig. So if you want something else and you’re not tired of looking at me let’s support those guys stuck on the island.

Always a pleasure to volunteer to lead. Step up and try it. Be the gift to the group you were intended to be.

Wet Wipes – Brian Stickler

PS. I said I was 39 during NOR. I’m 40, but was so pumped up yesterday that I forgot my own age.

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