Spreadin’ Straw

Date: 5/4/19

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Judge Judy, Peaches, Joker, Ballcock, Compost, Diapers, Dabo, Gump, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:  Humid

7 PAX gathered around the shovel flag and reminisced about the last time they drank a Rolling Rock and observed the Town’s new parking lot and questioned its compliance with the UDO.

Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, not trained, and lacks skill, you are exercising at your own risk.


-SSH x 33 IC  in honor of the Old Latrobe

-Dabo joins the party

-ATMs x 10 x 10 x 10

-Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

-Plank Jack x 15 IC

-During the warm-up 1,000,000 sand gnats were awoken and found the PAX.   YHC’s mouth became full of sand gnats thus rendering the Q incapable of calling cadence so the warm up was cut short with YHC stating “let’s get the hell out of here”. PAX make their way to the parking lot for:


-Mini Murph – PAX set out to find a pull-up bar and Gump joins the in on the fun.

-PAX mosey down Pritchard to Bruin, hooks a left on Bruin, pass Calhoun and continue down May River road to Schultz.  Right on Shultz, left on Ninth and into Oscar Frazier Park for a 1.3ish mile run.

-Pull-up bars are found and PAX complete the follow exercises (all reps from exercise must be completed before going to the next exercise)

-Pull-up x 20

-Merkin x 40

-Low Squat x 60

-PAX form a single file line at the Pull-up bar and each PAX performs 1 pull-up, rinse and repeat with 2 pull-ups, rinse an repeat with 3 pull-ups.

-YHC turns the Q over to Diapers who requested the PAX spread some pine straw to help with the preparations for the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new pavilion building.  PAX spread 20+ bales of straw and question whether or not the Town properly followed the building permitting process.

-PAX form two lines at the pull-up bars and perform:

-Pull-up x 4

-Merkin x 20 SC

-Low Squat x 30 OYO

-PAX form two lines at the pull-up bars and perform:

-Pull-up x 3

-Merkin x 15 SC

-Low Squat x 20 OYO

-PAX form two lines at the pull-up bars and perform:

-Pull-up x 2

-Merkin x 10 SC

-Low Squat x 20 OYO

-PAX begin mosey back to the AO, with 1 mile remaining in the run PAX form up and complete a 1 mile Indian Run w/ cropdusting.

-With two minutes remaining PAX circle up on the parking lot and finish the warmup exercises:

-TTT x ?? IC #realcrowdpleasure

-Burpee x 3 IC

-Windmill x 7 IC and DONE!


-Announcements, prayer requests, and Shout Out.


-20 pull-ups in a row was humbling for the PAX.

-Buckeye tried to get a discount on pine straw for his own house from Compost.

-Dabo cropdusted Peaches the entire Indian Run back. It did help keep the bugs away.

-Judy is secretly good at pull-ups and likes them!

-Gump and Joker can crush some pull-ups.

-Diapers and Ballcock are both fine landscape architects that also have superior pine straw spreading skillz.

-Bluffton needs more pull-up bar locations.  Ideally closer to the AO.

-The Murph is quickly approaching.  Recommend PAX work on pull-ups.

(The Murph:  1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run, all done while wearing a 20 lbs vest)

-Work was done this AM. Great work men! Pleasure to lead this group.

#ISI #accelerate

Buckeye Out


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