4 years and counting

PAX: Cock-a-boos, Peaches, Joker, Spaulding, Slim Shady, Stones, Rachel Ray, Judge Judy, Buckeye, Wet Wipes, 12 Gauge, Ballcock, Sawed Off, Swanson, Dabo, NeNe, Diapers, Gambit (QIC)

Technically the 4 year anniversary of F3 Bluffton is tomorrow (5/2), but we started on the first Wed in May so YHC thought it appropriate to celebrate a little early. 18 PAX joined me in the gloom to put in some work and get a refresher of the F3 Core Principles.

Conditions: 64 degrees with minimal breeze and a slight taste of the lowcountry humidity.

Disclaimer: I am not trained to do much of anything. You are here at your own risk. If you need to modify the exercise, do so but don’t  cheat the reps or yourself.

Principle 1: Workouts are for ALL MEN. (Per Buckeye)

Warm-up: 20 Burpees OYO, SSH x 25, Seal Jacks x 20, Smurf Jacks x 20, Plank Jacks x 20, Burpee Star Jacks x 10 OYO, TTT x 10

Principle 2: All Workouts are FREE

Mosey to Pritchard heading for Bruin with a reverse run thrown in. Stopping at the corer to collect the 6 with AC forward and reverse x 15 (IC).

Continue Mosey to Nickle Pumpers for Merkins x 20 (IC)

Fast Mosey to Dubois Park (where is all began)

PAX were greeted with the refreshing sound of sprinklers helping to  maintain the pristine turf that we used to do so much damage to…

Partner up on the sidewalk. Wheelbarrow to the opposite side of the park and bearcrawl back. Switch positions and rinse and repeat.

PAX move over to the plush turf (YHCs attempt to make the Yacht Club boys more comfortable) for a partner AMRAP. Reps are individual but stay with your partner to the finish. All PAX perform Burpee Pull-up x 5, Derkins x 10, Dips x 20, BBSU x 30, Squats x 40 then run a shortened distance around the block. 2 cycles were all we had time for.

Find some space…

Principle 3: All workouts are led by individuals participating in the workout in a rotating fashion. No training or certification necessary

10 Burpees per min for 5 min (suckfest)

Principle 4: Workouts are performed outside rain or shine Hot or cold

Walk it to the corner to recover and then mosey back to the flag

Done! (1 min late)

Prayers: Those affected at UNC Charlotte, Wet Wipes wife Amy after surgery, Shingles is having elbow surgery today


  1. Mumblechatter started off strong (for the first 2 min)
  2. Counting Cadence is slightly harder after starting with 20 burpees
  3. The town should rethink their maintenance of the grass at Dubois. Swanson??
  4. YHC needs to remember that multi step instructions to middle aged men at 530am leads to many questions and repeating
  5. YHC was corrected by the AMRAP specialist Judge Judy that what we did was not an AMRAP. My apologies
  6. Slim Shady brought an empty bottle of merlot to  the burpee party and still managed to crush it
  7. I was also reminded that an unspoken principle of F3 is start on time and finish on time. Again, My apologies
  8. Nene’s first trip to  the mainland was welcomed. Thanks for joining us!

It’s been 4 years. We have had many men come and go but everyone leaves their mark. this group has left its mark  on me. I would have never done many of the things I have been pushed to  do over the past 4 years. I am not the same man I was 4 years ago and I thank you all  for that. I have just as many excuses as anyone to not show up, to take the easy way out, to fartsack. And sometimes I do. And that’s OK because I  know someone is going to call me out or challenge me to do better and welcome me when I show back up. If you are reading this and haven’t shown up in a while, you are obviously still interested. Get off your ass and stop making excuses.

Gambit Out




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