DATE: 4.20.19

CONDITIONS: 54 degrees, SW 0-5kts intermittent, partly cloudy

PAX: Bartman, Cookies, Chumbucket, Puppy Chow-DR, Trucker-DR, Heat Stroke-DR, Brutus, JV, Goose, Smog, Spaulding, Squid-QIC

WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: The Q is not certified and hardly qualified to lead here; you are working out at your own risk.


SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 10 IC  (Heat Stroke had to be told that we are a NON-CLAPPING AO: First Warning)

IW x 15 IC

Let’s mosey the Merkin Mile (run, stop, Merkins x 20 IC, run, stop, Merkins x 20 IC…to total 1 mile).


3 Pull-Ups then 6 BBSUs then run a short lap

4 Pull-Ups then 8 BBSUs then run a short lap

Continue progression up to 10 Pull-Ups/20 BBSUs, then work back down


Total of 3.5mi, 100 Merkins, 100 Pull Ups, and 200 BBSUs

1.5 MOM (because it is pointless, anyway)

Flutters x 40 IC



WELCOME to Heat Stroke (visits often from MECA), Trucker (from The Fort), and Puppy Chow (Pittsburgh, has had a place on HHI for years but just got plugged into the F3 tribe 3 weeks ago).



-Some PAX have lost jobs, some are repairing family issues, many unspoken…just normal man stuff, for real.


-Part of what makes #TheYachtClub magnificent are the visitors: brand new to F3, just discovered #TYC, or count the days until they can return to #TYC…the story line here is not about the magnificence of #TYC. It’s real men, doing real stuff, seeking real change. And then sharing it.

-The guy you’re working beside is hurting, in some way. Encourage him, reach out; it’s manly to inquire and act.

Leading or following, there is never a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for the fact that a bunch of normal/imperfect men congregate, work, sweat, laugh, pray, and form an amazing team/group. Ask someone new to come out this week, it only makes us better.

Taking the lead is a privilege, try it out.

Squid, OUT!


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