Beachbody sweatfest

PAX: Peaches, Cockaboose, Rachel Ray, Cowbell, Buckeye, Hostilo, Gambit (QIC)

7 PAX davoided drowning last night in the Bluffton floodwaters and made it out of the fartsack for a mid week session at the MOB. There was initial concern as we circled up around the VSF this could be a sloppy wo, but YHC promised to keep us out of the mud (for the most part).

Conditions: low 60s with a hint of that wonderful lowcountry humidity creeping  in.

Disclaimer: workout at your own risk, push yourself, don’t cheat yourself

Warm-up: (IC) SSH x 31, TTT x 15, LBAC x 20 ea way, burpees x 5 OYO, Squats x 20, merkins x 10, Mosey 1 lap and head toward the coupon storage location (crowd pleaser)

PAX form 2 groups ( 1 group of 3 PAX and 1 group of 4) and head toward to corner of the track by the swings. PAX 1 will perform 30 block curls and 20 OHP continuing to alternate exercises while PAX 2 runs the track to PAX 3 who is at the benches by the backstop performing 30 dips and 20 derkins cycling through until PAX 2 joins them. once the runner gets to the station, the PAX who was performing exercise begins running the track while the running PAX starts the exercise at that station. AMRAP  until Q calls time. PAX return coupons to storage while the 4 not carrying blocks perform curbkins x 10 IC, L hand and foot on curb merkins x 5, R hand and foot on curb merkins x 5.

All PAX return to the BBall court for

6 MOM: LBC x 50 OYO, PAX hold 6″ (on Q call raise R or L leg toward the sky and hold until instructed) performed this 3 times. Low plank x 2 sets of 45 sec.


Announcements: Get the remaining checks in to  Stones, Dabo, or Judy. Sign up to Q. Next week is Spring break and AOs can sometimes struggle with numbers. We need men willing to step up and take the lead. Get on Twitter and follow F3Lowcountry, F3Bluffton, F3 Hiltonhead, F3Nation, and any other pop star you want to stalk. A lot of good stuff happening in F3 across the country and twitter is the place to find it.

Prayers: unspoken


  1. Apparently cowbell was channeling his inner PETA membership and is  letting the turkeys walk today. Turkeys are thankful. He was missed in the gloom
  2. Apparently since the Buck  and Yacht Club are flagless, the  MOB needed to go without today as well…
  3. Upper body was smoked after this one
  4. Not a lot of mumble chatter today with the PAX kinda spread out, but work was done
  5. Always fun to hear the moans as PAX head toward the blocks
  6. Peaches kept his shirt on
  7. Hostilo managed to stay for the workout and even broke a sweat after showing up to  run on Tuesday only to drive back home and go back to bed to  avoid the humidity and sweating. Didn’t want to mess up that collard shirt
  8. Simpson was a no show

Gambit out!


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