It takes a Pax

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PAX: Judge Judy, Tee Pee, Joker, Big Spur, Coach K, Harbaugh, Wet Wipes (QIC)

Roll Call for AWOL :  Ball Cock, Handy Manny, FloRide, Whippoorwhill, Ray, Urkel, Sawed Off, Madoff

Conditions: Mid 47 and clear skies

Disclaimer: not trained, not a professional, push yourself and push each other

Warm-up : SSH x 30, Tempo Merkins x 20, Hill Billy x 20, TTT x 15

Pull up Bar x 5

Mosey to the wall

Tempo Dips x 20

Wall sit – Timed

25 Dips OYO

Wall sit – Timed

Wall Step Ups x 20 ea leg

Mosey to the Tennis Court

1st Attempt of Suicides was a bit messed up.  Lines.  After first round it was modified by the help of Joker and Judy. (Outside lines are the best)

5 Merkins

run to next outside line

10 LBC & back to main for 5 M

Run to next court stopping for 10 LBC then 15 Mountain Climbers back for 5 M

Run to last line stopping for 10 LBC, 15 MC – crab walk to last line 20 overhead air presses

Rinse repeat 3 more times (4 total)

Mosey to the short wall in front of school. Burn Time

60 dips OYO

Wall Sit 1 Minute

Mosey to the drill pad for Mary

Scissor kicks in Cadence x 35

American Hammers x 25 ish


Announcements: P200 collections trying to distribute in May if not before.

Prayers: be better husbands, fathers, employers, employees, encouraged by F3 fellowship


Mumblechatter was high I think due to a bit warmer weather.  Ball Cock had a false alarm.  My ability to lead this morning was like following a drunk man around the school.  I did not have it all together when it came to suicides at first.  After a miserable and incomprehensible round 1 both Joker and Judy squared me away and we were back in action.  Though, when you read above and see how it went it’s still confusing.  Everyone worked with it.  One of the best parts of being in a community is the safety and freedom to practice.  Providing a safe space.  I’m not afraid to fail, even though it sucks, doing it with people who have my 6 is how we grow.  It’s the kind of environment I want in my home, work, church.  A safe place to try, fail, grow, repeat.  When the Q is off it takes a Pax to bring them back.

AWOL list, you are on notice.  I know it’s judgy.  I’m ok with it.  Do it to me even if I’m traveling to check me.  We are better when we are together, you help me, I help you.  Maybe I even missed you.  See You In The Gloom!

I appreciate the comradery from my F3 brothers.

Honored and privileged to lead.

Stickler Out!

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