Choose Your Own AMRAP


PAX: Rachel Ray, Joker, Yo-Yo Ma, Urkel (QIC)

Several factors went into designing this workout. I knew that most P200 guys weren’t going to be ready to get back to it yet, and I knew that there might be one or two that would do it anyway. I wanted a workout that had the option to avoid the legs. Also, I was planning to wear my ruck for this one, so that had to be planned for as well.

As I drive into the parking lot, there is a truck with an F3 sticker sitting there but no one visible.

Warm up:

  • SSH IC x 25
  • TTT IC x 10 (Rachel Ray emerges from the truck and joins in)
  • LBAC IC Forward x 15 Backward x 15
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the basketball court. Choose:
    • 10 BBSU
    • 10 Burpees
  • Mosey to the exercise area. Choose:
    • 25 Merkins
    • 25 Hand Release Merkins
    • 25 Clapping Merkins
  • Mosey to the end of the oval. Choose:
    • 50 Single Count Alternating Shoulder Taps
    • 50 Squats
  • Mosey to the “hill”
    • Mosey or Backward lunge down
    • Bearcrawl or Crawlbear Up
  • Mosey to the starting point. Choose:
    • 100 Single Count Flutters
    • 100 SSH
    • 100 Calf Raises
  • Repeat loop making the same or different choices each time.


  • 50 LBC’s OYO
  • 25 Backscratchers IC
  • Airhumpers to Time (IC x 5)



  • There is a race next March from Columbia to Charleston

Prayer Requests:

  • Recovery for the PAX in general


  • Let it be known far and wide that Rachel Ray, despite his initial hesitation, put in some work this morning on very tired legs.
  • Joker pushes through everything
  • Wearing a ruck during the workout sucks, Embrace the Suck!
  • Yo-Yo Ma was seen doing hand release Merkins
  • Great work to all the PAX who took part in the P200. #HIM
  • There is talk on the Tough page of a Ruck team entering again next year, we will see.

Urkel Out!

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