Swanson is always the big spoon

PAX: Stones, Judge Judy, Buckeye, Static, Big Spur, Wet Wipes, Peaches, Joker, Swanson, Bartman (respect), Slim Shady, Rachel Ray, Jack Sparrow, Harvey Updike, Gambit (QIC)

15 men in the gloom this AM for a mid week recovery session. With promises of a different style workout today, a few PAX made their return to  the gloom to check it out. P200 is less than 48 hrs away and all the training is coming to  an end. Knowing that many of us will be running more than we are used to and cramped in vans for extended periods of time with little to no sleep, YHC thought a good stretch session was in order.

Conditions: 45 degrees and clear

Warm-up: SSH x 40, TTT x 15, Deep squat x 5 holding at bottom on Q’s call, tempo merkins x 20, walking knee pulls ~ 25 yards then mosey to fence, walking HS stretch ~ 25 yards then mosey to track

Thang: mosey out to the parking lot and find a place on the curb for calf stretches x 3 each side  on Q’s call, continue mosey out Pritchard , down bridge, and up boundary to Dubois Park. Find a spot on the turf for Jack webb: 1 merkin : 4 air presses up to 10:40. All PAX on their 6 for knee to  chest, hamstring stretches, piriformis stretch, FABER stretch, hip flexor  stretch, ITB stretch all on Q’s call. Finish mosey around boundary to Bruin and then to Pritchard and back to the flag.

1 MOM plankorama


Announcements: Carb load dinner tonight. Up to ~ 71K with fundraising. Keep up the final push

Prayers: all those running and traveling this weekend

  1. Swanson and Shady plan to get close in van 2 this weekend
  2. This was officially Slim Shady’s last post until next years p200 training begins
  3. Big Spur is a Wofford fan and will probably be running on 3 hrs sleep from staying up to watch their opening round game Thur
  4. Static’s playlist is ready. #sensoredversion
  5. Rumor is the A-team van will make another appearance this year
  6. There was a 12 gauge sighting…oh wait, that’s a girl running with her dog
  7. Static was a fan of the nice turf at the park, pretty sure he’s gonna install it at his house
  8. All insurance cards accepted. This workout brought to you by Elite Physical Therapy

Gambit out

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