Date: 03/19/2019

PAX: (7) PAX   Cow Bell, Lifeline, Ball Cock, Handy Manny, Coach K, Ray, Wet Wipes-QIC

Conditions:  52 degrees, clear skies and windy

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, workout at your own risk, push yourself, push the guy next to you

Warm Up: 

SSH x 40

TTT x 10

Merkins x 40


Mosey to the track for 1 mile OYO

Four Corners Escalator – on the field

First Corner 10 Burpees

animal crawl to next corner of your choice

Second Corner 10 B + 20 Prisoner Squats

animal crawl to next corner of your choice

Third Corner 10 B + 20 PS + 30 Rosalitas

animal crawl to next corner of your choice

Fourth Corner 10 B + 20 PS + 40 Merkins

Rinse / Repeat for 1 more round

Mosey back to drill pad for Mary


Flutter Kick x 40

American Hammer x 30

Superman, Spider-man, Iron-man



-Prayers for Cow Bell’s friend’s daughter w/ heart disease Margaret.

-Prayer for the guys running P200 this weekend.

-Prayers Lord to give us the strength to show up and make us better and more like him.


40 is the goal.  I probably could have gotten 1 more person to show up if I announced this as a Birthday Q.  But I didn’t.  I turn 40 during this Saturday’s P200 and that will be good enough.  The theme for the day was 40.  Harvard did a study of men who can do 40 push ups in a row as a guard against future heart disease.  Seems reasonable enough.

Ray and Coach K were in usual form.  Chatty Kathy’s about soccer while running.  I think they might be smokers.  It was way to easy for them.

Cow Bell pushed Hard and never gave up.

Ball Cock led the pack the whole time but really hates Dollies and Rosalitas.

Lifeline glad it finally warmed up enough for you to come back out.  Now that you made 2 let’s see if we can shoot for a third.  Stretch goal!

Handy Manny was part of my inspiration.  There was some vague memory of a tennis court when he Q’d and I wanted to bring that same feeling in a softer area.  Also gained some inspiration from Medulla Oblongata for doing Q in NOLA last week for a 44th Bday.

Glad to be back in the Low Country and to lead is a gift.

-Wet Wipes

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