Tryers with Blocks

3/2/19 MOB workout
PAX: Peaches, Dabo, Puddy, Slim Shady, Boomer, Diapers(QIC)

Conditions: upper 50s and still….sand gnat heaven!!

Disclaimer: Looks can be deceiving – QIC is not a trained professional trainer…of anything.  Participate at your own risk but if you do participate, push one another…be tryers!


SSH IC x 30

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

AC IC x 15 (both ways)

Mosey around the track and into woods to pick up coupons.  This was a very talkative group.


11’s with Blocks

1st stop at track in front of shovel flag – start with 10 overhead press – run carrying block to fence to do 1 curls.  Repeat until 1 overhead press and 10 curls.

2nd stop at swings – block jumps and swing crunches (lots of mumblechatter about avoiding injury pre P200)

3rd stop at bench far side – derkins (on blocks) and dips (lots of mumblechatter about anything to get rest b/t sets so as not to break teeth on blocks – the term “tryer” was mentioned in conversation as a derogatory name given to high schooler who actually put forth effort in PE class by the kids who made up their minds they would not try – most likely out of a fear of failure)

4th stop back at block deposit – Pax was sure they were finally losing the coupons.  One more thang prior to deposit.  10 sets of Squats 1-10 and Curls 4 – 40.  (many attempts to end this madness in the name of being able to function at the simplest personal tasks such as going potty were made….they failed #TRYER!)

Finally the coupons were deposited.  The Pax, feeling much lighter but still fairly smoked made our way back (long way!) to the Bball court.

3 Full Court suicides (Boomer still had a lot more juice than he was letting on!)

Circle up for Mary:

Flutters IC x 30 – QIC had very little support at this point – many were threatening mutiny – Boomer claimed that merlot was inevitable….we pressed on….a few minutes left….

Captain Thor – Big boy sit ups x 1-10/ American Hammers x 4-40

As predicted by Dabo we were not able to finish Captain Thor in time HOWEVER being the TRYER that he is he would not let the Pax stop at 8.  We all got back on our 6 and finished the last two sets together.  DONE!

COR/ NOR/ Announcements

all on way back to flag to escape gnats


Beech Family in Hampton



7 Total led by Peaches at CP afterward.  Urkel and Yo Yo joined after Buck workout.  We covered DRP and the King.  Great discussion!


Great group and lots of good, solid, sarcastic encouragement out there in the workout.  It is a great privilege to have time with the PAX trying to get better….because we can’t and won’t be able to do it alone!


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