Some of my favorite things…

3/2/2019 at TYC

Conditions:  60…perfect

13 PAX: Brutus, Chi Chi (FNG-Brutus’ 2.0), Chumbucket, Cookies (respect), Hermanos, Mini Van, NeNe, Radar, Schnitzel (respect), Snipe, Spaulding, Spiccoli, Bartman (QIC)


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Hand release burpees x 10
  • AC’s F+B x 15 IC
  • HR burpees x 10
  • Over Head Press x 30 IC
  • Mosey to bike racks behind pavilion

The Thang:

  • 11’s, Lat pull-ups and HR burpees
  • Standing broad jump length of field
  • Partner up for buddy carry 11’s.  Partner 1 carry’s partner 2, both do exercise and switch.  HR merkins and monkey humpers
  • Mosey to bathrooms
  • Grab some space on the wall for wall sit.  PAX count off 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.  Ones do exercise while 2’s wait on wall, then switch.
  • 1st exercise- HR Burpees x 10
  • 2nd exercise- Merkins x 10
  • 3rd exercise- Monkey humers x 20
  • 4th exercise-BBSU’s x 30
  • 5th exercise- American Hammers x 20 (2ct)
  • 6th exercise- HR burpees x 10
  • 7th exercise- HR burpees x 10
  • 8th exercise- HR burpees x 10
  • Mosey around park and back to flag


  • Flutters x 30 IC
  • Plankorama, high plank, left arm up, right arm up, high plank, low plank, Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, Aquaman



  • Share the Go Fund Me link for the P200
  • Sell Signs
  • Sign up to lead a workout.


  • For Schnitzel’s heavy travel this month
  • For healing for Spiccoli’s dad
  • For healing for injured PAX

On today’s date in 1965 “The Sound of Music” made it’s world premier in NY so I decided to incorporate some of my favorite exercises…was better than playing the sound track during the workout.

Lot’s of mumble chatter out there today.  Spiccoli bounces when doing burpees though may have an unfortunate burpee injury…Welcome to Chi Chi, was great having him out there and seeing Brutus carry him for the buddy carry…great visual metaphor for all of us.  Keep pushing the rock men…it’s always going to be there so either push it or let it roll over you, your choice.

Great getting out and leading the PAX this morning…especially after today’s Q Source.

Bartman out

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