6 for a 6 Pack

6 PAX made the hard choice to move from the comforts of the fartsack to get over the mid week hump. YHC was not surprised that a many decided to stay warm and dry this morning…it was the easy choice.

PAX: Buckeye, Rachel Ray, Wet Wipes, Joker, Peaches, Gambit (QIC)

Conditions: perfect

Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk. Modify if necessary but be prepared to  be ridiculed if you do

Warm-Up: (IC)

SSH x 40, TTT x 15, Squats x 20, Arm Circles x 15 both ways, Lets mosey

All PAX mosey together for the 1 mile block down bridge to boundary to bruin and back down Pritchard to the flag. A stop was made at Dubois Park for Ab warm up. 3 PAX perform knees to chest x 20 on monkey bars while the other 3 perform reverse crunches w/ feet in swings x 20. Flap jack and rinse and repeat.

The Thang: partner up for a DORA 25, 100, 200, 300, 400

Power Roll w/ Ski abs x 25 (had to be there for the demo)

Side plank dips x 100 (each side)

Star Crunches x 200 (R+L=1)

LBC x 300

Flutters x 400 (R+L=1)

Circle back around the flag for 10 makhtar Ndiaye


Announcements: P200 you know the rest

Prayers: Joker, unspoken

Moleskin: Sneaky little core work this morning brought to you by YHCs trip to BURN with the M this past weekend. always interesting to throw in some new exercises. Weather was cold and wet to start but ended up being perfect once we got moving. Don’t forget the core. Important part of getting better with all the other exercises as well as running. Thanks for those that came out this morning in support. Always fun to lead you should give it a try…

Gambit out!

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