Turn Up the Bright Lights

11 Pax Present at the BUCK.

Conditions: Florida Cool in SC>

Pax: Judy, Ballcock, Urkel, YoYo, Joker, Ray, Coach K, Roker, Cowbell, Wet Wipes, Whip.

Warm Up: SSH x 20


Mosey to Well Lit Track:

1 Lap Indian Run.
20 Merkins 1 Lap
19 Staggered Merkins 1 Lap
18 Spider Man Merkins 1 Lap Jailbreak
17 Merkins Leg Twist 1 Lap
16 Merkins Wide 1 Lap
15 One Leg Merkins 1 Lap
14 Ranger Merkins 1 Lap Jailbreak
2 Laps Indian Run *
13 Diamond Merkins 1 Lap
6 Sets of Tempo Merkins (30 Total)

Jail break Final Lap

BreakCrawl 100 yards.

Back to Pad.


Prayers and Sell Signs…etc.


Such an honor to lead a group of men before the roosters crow. Great day for a wo…weather was as close to perfect as possible.

-Decided on using the lights since they were paid for. Thx Judy. Track was awesome this morn. Each PAX pushed it to the limit. At first WO seemed innocent and easy but about lap 3……wooo. Sneaky WO.

Urkel and Yoyo sprinted….to the finished.
Roker is a monster.
Ray is as well…he also needs a new pair of 1987 Nikes.
Coach K and Judy are waiting on a snowstorm….properly dressed.
Wet Wipes has a weak meniscus…but that’s all…his marriage is good.
Cowbell pushed through it like a boss.
Ballcock and Joker are legends of F3.

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