CSAUP PreBlast

Mini-CSAUP Preblast

Here it is, short and sweet.

When: Saturday February 23, 2019.

Where: Dubois Park, Bluffton.

Time: 5:00 am sharp.

What: Jacob’s Ladder to 20. The Dubois Park loop is .25 mile. PAX will begin with a .25 mile mosey. It will be followed by one burpee. Repeat and add one burpee x 20. After completing the 20th lap, PAX will run .25 and subtract one burpee x 20.

Disclaimer: YHC is not a trained professional. PAX are working out at their own risk. Modification is your friend. It is allowed and encouraged. 

Accepted Burpee Modifications: The no push up burpee, the Squat, the Merkin, The Jump Squat, the monkey humper (kidding, that is an immediate disqualification), The ten count, and any other modifier is accepted.

Accepted Mosey Modifier: Short loop on walking path, 10 count, and any other modifier is accepted.

Nutrition: there is a water fountain at the park, but YHC recommends bringing Gatorade, Gu, and/or Coors Light.

T-shirt: no. If you need one, YHC is sure there is a sorority mixture you can sign up for.

Patch: negative.

Awards: no. This is not a timed event. No one cares if you’re first or last or somewhere inbetween. Just get it done.

Why: This workout is not taken from any other AO (as far as YHC knows). It’s simply a challenge that, quite frankly, we are not going to do alone. Call it peer pressure, accountability, guilt, whatever, it will be a heck of a feat.

After “party”: Corner Perk.

Name: “The Squid”. The explanation will be disclosed at the CSAUP event. 

There will be an air horn.

Keep pushing the rock,


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